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Other Works


"The Relic." Matter Press: A Journal of Compressed and Creative Arts. (May 2014)

"Zachary Taylor." Melville House. (October 2012)

"The News and What it Means to Noah." CEDARS. Issue 2 (March 2012)

"The Specialists." Whiskey Island Magazine. Issue 59 (Fall 2011)

"No System for Blindness." Confrontation. Issue 110 (Fall 2011)

"Albert Arnold Gore." American Short Fiction. Web exclusive. (October 2011)

"Rules For Living in a Simulation." Daily Science Fiction. (September 2011) You can listen to an audio version as part of Drabblecast's Podcast here.

"John Sevier." Emprise Review. Issue 20 (July 2011)

“Theodore Roosevelt.” Bluestem Magazine. (Spring 2011)

Certainty.”PANK. Issue 6.06 (June 2011). You can also read this story in Turkish!

"Chairman of the Boards." Flywheel Magazine. Issue 1 (Spring 2011)

“The Borovsky Circus Goes to Littlefield.” Hobart. Issue 12 (May 2011) + BONUS! Annotated Map of Littlefield, Texas

"Michael Collins." Monkeybicycle. (April 2011)

"The Nine Innings of Morrie Rath." Hobart Web. (April 2011)

Winter in Al Shuwaikh.” Used Furniture Review. (March 2011)

Pinocchio.” Bluestem Magazine. (March 2011)

“The Doll Collector.” Bananafish. (January 2011)

Amelia.” SmokeLong Quarterly. Issue 30 (December 2010)

“Multiple Sclerosis FAQ.” Los Angeles Review. Issue 8 (October 2010)

Hydrogen Event in a Bubble Chamber.” PANK. Issue 5.05 (May 2010)

Why We Never Talk About Sugar.” Vestal Review. Featured in Web Issue 37 and Print Issue 35 (Winter 2010)

The Snakeskin.” LITSNACK (January 2010)

“Elysian.” Annalemma. Issue 4 (February 2009)

Made in Indonesia.” flatmanCROOKED. Featured story (November 2008)

“Galaxy.” Quality Fiction. Issue 53 (August 2008)

“Strategy #3: Journal.” Kaleidoscope. Volume 51 (July 2005)

Creative Non-Fiction

Essays on Parenting. I write a monthly blog post for Brain, Child. You can see all of my columns by clicking here.

"Things I Watched Die." The Collagist. (May 2014)

"Birth Story." The Rumpus. (September 2013)

“Putting Down the Dog.” The Pinch Journal. (Fall 2013)

"On Pregnancy and Privacy and Fear." The Rumpus. (May 2012)

"Other Aubreys I Have Known." Third Coast. Issue 34. (Spring 2012)

"Chatting with Princess Wannabe." Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (January 7, 2012)

Introduction to Issue 5. The Reprint. Issue 5 (November 2011)

"Vegas Indoor Skydiving." (May 2011)

“A Florist’s Encyclopedia.” Third Coast. Issue 31 (Fall 2010)

Five for New Orleans.” Minnetonka Review. Issue 4 (Summer 2009)

Speaking From the Throat.” The Summerset Review (Summer 2009)


“How to Take Your Temperature.” Roanoke Review. Forthcoming, Volume XXXVI (Spring 2011)

“Wheels.” The Writer’s Eye. Issue 6 (September/October 2008)

Scrabble.” Chronogram (September 2008)

Sonogram.” Mad Swirl. Featured poem of the week (April 2008)

Las Vegas” and “She Looked Like a Fountain.” Mad Swirl (April 2008)

Work Reprinted & Anthologized

Anonymous contribution to Stripped: A Collection of Anonymous Flash Fiction. Edited by Nicole Monaghan. Forthcoming from PS Books (Spring 2012)

"Multiple Sclerosis FAQ." Fiction Southeast. (Fall 2011)

"Elysian." The Reprint. (August 2011)

“Cheater.” Pittsburgh Noir. Edited by Kathleen George. Akashic Books (May 2011)

"A Florist's Encyclopedia." The Reprint. (May 2011)

“Mama Elanore’s Turkey.” Metazen Christmas Charity E-Book. Edited by Frank Hinton. Metazen (December 2010)

Essays on Craft

“Writing About Family and Illness.” Women Writing on Family: Tips on Writing, Teaching and Publishing. Edited by Suzann Holland and Carol Smallwood. Forthcoming from the Key Publishing House (November 2011)

"First Mondays." Flash Fiction Chronicles. Monthly column where I dispense advice for flash fiction writers (2011)